Lois Kilby-Chesley
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 22

About Lois

Lois Kilby-Chesley grew up in Freeport and graduated from the University of Maine System, before moving west to further her education. Upon her return to Maine she began teaching in Freeport, where she remained for 26 years. For the past six years she has been President of the Maine Education Association. She is now ready to begin representing all residents of Senate District 22 with fairness, transparency and honesty.

Giving You A Voice In Augusta

Lois Kilby-Chesley has been an advocate for students and a leader of educators for nearly all her adult life. Now she is ready to use those skills in the Maine Senate. Lois learned early in her life that teamwork is vital to getting a job done right. She knows listening to all sides of an issue is an important first step in determining where to take a stand, and that many hands make light work. If you are tired of a “one size fits all” leadership style, Lois Kilby-Chesley is ready to represent you in Augusta.

On the Issues

The Environment

Maine has many outdoor opportunities for those of us who live here, for those who visit, and for future generations, and I am determined to protect and preserve what we have. Our natural wonders provide not only the chance to experience myriad outdoor activities, but also are at the center of our economic health. In Maine, outdoor recreation alone generates $2.2 billion in wages and salaries, and $548 million in state and local tax revenue.

I believe we must react strongly against those who are willing to compromise the long-term future of Maine for short-term gains. Selling our resources to the highest bidder, whether it is our water, our forests, our minerals, or our farmland, threatens the preservation of our way of life. As your legislator I will not be one of those short-sighted politicians.

So whether you love the Acadia region, Mount Katahdin and Maine Woods and Waters, the numerous inland lakes and streams, or trips to our rocky coast please know that I will always safeguard Maine’s outdoor recreation and promote environmentally acceptable economic drivers.


Education is my passion. I believe it is the pathway to a brighter future for all Maine residents, and I am grateful to have been an education leader at the local and state levels.

But despite two referendums directing state government to adequately fund 55% of the costs of education, they have failed to respect the will of the voters.

At the community level that means as education costs have increased, local taxpayers have been saddled with more and more of the cost of education. We pay for this through our property taxes.

It is my intention, when elected to the District 22 Senate seat, that the state will pay its obligations for the costs of education.

If you believe, as I do, that strong schools and excellent education must be a top priority to prepare our children for the future, then I hope you will join in supporting my quest to be your senator.

Gun Safety

One of my top concerns is the safety of all our citizens, and we can’t wait.

That’s why we must be looking for sensible solutions to gun violence as community members and as government leaders. Some people shouldn’t have guns and others have proven they don’t deserve to own guns.

We need to have a nationwide system in place to keep this information. Currently the system screens for certain indicators of past violence, misconduct, and mental health issues — but not all.

I support the “red flag” concept that allows family members or law enforcement to petition the courts if they want weapons taken from someone showing signs of mental distress or violence. “Red flag” laws are thought to be one step in preventing future mass killings as well as suicides and other types of shootings.

I come from a long history of hunters. I understand the heritage of hunting in Maine. Honestly, I never could be sure what kind of meat might make it to the Thanksgiving table. I am not trying to take that away.

But no one I know bags their deer with a weapon that shoots 45 rounds a minute. In my opinion there isn’t much sport in that.

Until a little more than a decade ago, AR-15-style rifles were subject to the now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and weren’t available for any recreational or home protection purposes. It is my opinion the federal government should reinstate a ban on assault weapons.

When elected senator, I will vote for sensible laws that protect all our residents.

Economic Growth

The time has come to have strong leaders who will invest in good public governance and who can, and will, develop relationships with those ready to innovate. I am ready to join in this important task if elected as your senator from District 22.

Maine’s chronic economic problems are reflected in the high incidence of poverty. Helping Maine’s poor must become a priority at the state level. Maine has been heading in the wrong direction for the past six years. While other states have made inroads in stemming numbers of residents in poverty, Maine’s numbers have remained steady.

I am empathetic to Mainers who need a leg up because I was one. I received benefits to attend college from Social Security without which I might not have been able to reach my goals, after the untimely death of my father. In the early years of my adulthood I accessed food stamps, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplements, and lived in low income housing – all while I was working and going to school. Many times some temporary help is all that is needed.

As the senator from District 22, I will not only work for sustainable job growth, I will also stand with our neighbors to help every Mainer become as self-sufficient as possible with the supports in place to help with this transition.

Social and Racial Justice

I will always advocate for respect, fairness and dignity in our society and defend the rights of all people to live in an unbiased and discrimination-free world.

I am a strong defender of the equal distribution of wealth, fair opportunities for personal activity and balanced social privileges. I believe that all people, regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status must be treated fairly, equally and without prejudice.

It is inherent to my thinking that all people are created equal. In fact, in my own family we have a wide range of people to love. I know my family’s diversity mirrors that of many other families. I want safe, supportive lives for all of them in the US, without fear and without prejudice.

Social and racial justice reflects our values and levels morality. In Maine, we must continue to work for an adequate standard of living; the right to work at safe jobs and receive equal pay for equal work; the right to a successful education; and the right of all people to enjoy their own religion, language and culture.

As your senator there is no place in my life for intolerance or bullying, and I will not remain silent when I see, hear, or experience hate or discrimination.



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